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How much should I expect to pay?

That depends. If your business, office, and employees are spread out across the country, Carrs-Safeway’s insurance costs may actually be cheaper than if you have employees in a single location. But for most businesses, Carrs’s businesswide auto insurance rate is a little steep at around $700 a month. But if you have a team in one small location, or if you’re a wholesaler that has a dozen or so employees in a small area of one big city, then you may end up paying a little more than Carrs-Safeway’s national average of $656.

What if I decide to have Carrs’s businesswide auto insurance as an employee benefit, instead of through a broker? The answer is, you probably can. Most brokers specialize in selling one or two kinds of insurance. But because Carrs’s businesswide insurance is sold to employers, and not through a broker, you should be able to switch easily. But keep in mind that Carrs-Safeway auto insurance is a required benefit for all employees, and since that can be expensive, you’ll have to pick up the entire policy, which may cost you a bit more than the $700 a month if you choose the standard car insurance policy, though not much more.

The take-away You can’t outsource hiring or payroll to Carrs-Safeway. That’s a good thing. While Carrs can certainly do things that are not part of its core business, such as writing personal automobile insurance policies, it doesn’t get around the business risks by relying on individuals who can do other jobs. And while Carrs-Safeway has a Web site, you won’t find the sort of feature-rich employee applications that can help workers at different employers share expertise.

So what should you do? If you’re an employee who could get by with just one type of insurance – that is, car insurance or home insurance – it’s probably a safe bet to stick with the one offered by Carrs. But if you work at a large business, Carrs-Safeway is probably a good choice for car insurance, but if you’re part of a small business, or if you’re a small wholesaler that has a dozen or so employees in a small area of one big city, Carrs-Safeway probably isn’t a good choice.

We’re pleased that Carrs is a vendor of Working Assets’s newest report on employee benefits, and we think you will be, too. Check out the Carrs-Safeway brand and website, and consider using their information to make your business’s insurance decisions.

Because Carrs Safeway knows that this important aspect of employee safety is a business expense.

Those are the three biggest car insurance payoffs for business owners and managers.

As with any business expense, the Carrs-Safeway car insurance policy will include add-on coverage. These add-on policies provide liability coverage, personal property protection, and full coverage for accidents involving employees or their personal vehicles. Carrs-Safeway has more than 3,000 car insurance policies for their Carrs Safeway employees. They also have a fully integrated car insurance administration system that provides them a clear view of their employees’ insurance coverage and a consolidated audit trail for billing.

Additionally, Carrs-Safeway has made it easy for employees to make claims for personal accidents and property damage through their own direct claims department. To get a quote for Carrs-Safeway auto insurance or to check if your business qualifies for a discount on business auto insurance, contact us today.

That’s how the four Safeway car insurance companies used in this study met their car insurance objectives:

Ensuring that a Carrs-Safeway employee was not being double-insured.

Preventing wrongful claims in Carrs-Safeway’s in-house programs.

Protecting company assets through workers’ compensation liability issues.

This study is sure to cause great interest and delight among employers across the country. And, if you are an employer who has been missing out on car insurance discounts, then be sure to have a conversation with a Carrs-Safeway insurance representative about taking advantage of the offer.

What do you think about this offer? Would you apply for Carrs-Safeway employee auto insurance discount? Ask the Expert: Employee discounts on car insurance, auto repairs and more!

General liability insurance for your business

General Liability insurance should be bought separately if your business is large and you get clients from outside the area. It will cover a range of risks that you face. If you are sure that your clients do not have any special or individual conditions or liabilities that will not be insured, you should buy a general liability policy. Your liability insurance will provide coverage if the clients you have are charged wrongfully or if you are wrongfully injured. To protect yourself, you should buy a generic policy to cover your liability. The reason why general liability insurance can be very expensive is because it covers all types of liabilities. Another reason why it is expensive is because it is very complicated. In general, general liability insurance should be bought for the risk of being sued. It covers claims against you if the client has issues with your products or services and if they sue you, you will be held responsible for all the legal costs. In other words, general liability insurance covers both internal and external liability.

If you do not have any employees, does not mean that you do not need a general liability insurance policy. Sometimes, individuals are negligent and cause losses to the company. General Liability Insurance is crucial for protecting the company and its clients.

How do I find a high-quality business insurance broker in NYC to get cheap and affordable business insurance?

I am looking for a NY Insurance broker for my personal account. I am a founder of my company and have sold a few startups and I want to sell a startup insurance policy and I need to be able to explain and show benefits and coverages.


Get a professional business insurance quotes online to get the best quotes from multiple companies to compare. We have a great and easy to use website where you can compare many insurance companies online and get easy, accurate quotes from many different insurance companies. Just go to

"What does a company owners insurance cover?"

I got an EZ insurance quote for my car and I am wondering if my company insurance will cover all of it."

Can I exclude liability if I don't need them?

Can I exclude liability if I don't need them?

"I need a business liability insurance for my wife. How much would it be?"

My wife is looking into starting her own business. She is looking into the possibility of franchising the business in other states. Does anyone know of a good company that offers an insurance policy for a franchisee? I am also looking into getting EZ insurance, what is the difference between EZ and the other companies out there? Thanks."

Do you need property insurance?


Insurance agent info. to hire?

I have been quoted by a few companies for sufficient liability coverage to protect your business in the last few weeks and I am trying to decide what I want to do. I have also heard that you can just give them cash and they will quote you a policy. I am a mother of three and I work hard for what I earn. Is this true?

Since 1997, Historic Rentals has been providing quality housing to residents from around the world. Our units are always clean, safe, comfortable, and simple, but with all the amenities of today.

Unit features can include hardwoods floors, claw foot tubs and other antique amenities, full cable/internet/VoIP connections, free laundry, free parking, recycling, security options, all in great locations throughout seasoned and established communities.