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  • We never give out residential addresses over the internet or phone to protect the privacy of our residents.


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General liability insurance for your business

General Liability insurance should be bought separately if your business is large and you get clients from outside the area. It will cover a range of risks that you face. If you are sure that your clients do not have any special or individual conditions or liabilities that will not be insured, you should buy a general liability policy. Your liability insurance will provide coverage if the clients you have are charged wrongfully or if you are wrongfully injured. To protect yourself, you should buy a generic policy to cover your liability. The reason why general liability insurance can be very expensive is because it covers all types of liabilities. Another reason why it is expensive is because it is very complicated. In general, general liability insurance should be bought for the risk of being sued. It covers claims against you if the client has issues with your products or services and if they sue you, you will be held responsible for all the legal costs. In other words, general liability insurance covers both internal and external liability.

If you do not have any employees, does not mean that you do not need a general liability insurance policy. Sometimes, individuals are negligent and cause losses to the company. General Liability Insurance is crucial for protecting the company and its clients.

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"What does a company owners insurance cover?"

I got an EZ insurance quote for my car and I am wondering if my company insurance will cover all of it."

Can I exclude liability if I don't need them?

Can I exclude liability if I don't need them?

"I need a business liability insurance for my wife. How much would it be?"

My wife is looking into starting her own business. She is looking into the possibility of franchising the business in other states. Does anyone know of a good company that offers an insurance policy for a franchisee? I am also looking into getting EZ insurance, what is the difference between EZ and the other companies out there? Thanks."

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I have been quoted by a few companies for sufficient liability coverage to protect your business in the last few weeks and I am trying to decide what I want to do. I have also heard that you can just give them cash and they will quote you a policy. I am a mother of three and I work hard for what I earn. Is this true?

Since 1997, Historic Rentals has been providing quality housing to residents from around the world. Our units are always clean, safe, comfortable, and simple, but with all the amenities of today.

Unit features can include hardwoods floors, claw foot tubs and other antique amenities, full cable/internet/VoIP connections, free laundry, free parking, recycling, security options, all in great locations throughout seasoned and established communities.